Use Guest Post on other websites to get more traffic Guest PostA lot of people are actual asking what the best way is to get relative fast good back-links from HIGH PR websites ? And that is pretty easy actual. Simple try to find HIGH PR ranking websites and write a Guest Post there. So, for example if you have a good website about business then you can actual write here a quest post for this website. And, once your article is approved (And that can be a problem, but I will get back to that later) your article with a DO FOLLOW link will be placed here on this PR2 website.

In that way you can get your link from your own website spread around the internet in a legal way!

But before you start to send all kind of articles to a lot of websites. (Or for that matter to our website) Here are a few tips to be sure that your article will get placed :

  1. Write original content that has something to do with the website where you are placing your guest post. Not original or nothing to do with the website, then you can be sure that it will not show up !
  2. Be sure you have your post not full of back-links to your website. Once is enough. For us here most of the time is 2 the limit!
  3. Do not place the text full of links to affiliate programs and / or other links that only benefit you. As a website owner we can do that as well.

This are just some examples what NOT to do, and I am sure you will know a lot more. Hope you get good back-links to your website with above tips.

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