Employee Time Clock Online And Totally Free


It turns out that there are some saving graces financially speaking for employers thanks to new and increasingly better time clock software located online. They offer several advantages over the traditional time clocks that had gotten stuck in the analog era.

No more time clock glitches from a frayed wire or a glitch to the mechanical workings of a time clock. Save on space and make it so that non-central employees have the same access to time clock software as the rest of your employees.

Free Online Employee Time Tracking Is The Answer
Not only is TimeClockHub.com a free online employee time tracking system, it provides the added benefit of providing seamless access to reporting.

While it may not seem like a big deal, because you are already probably engaged in using and paying for payroll software, think about it this way. This software saves time that would normally go toward researching time clock glitches, repairing the old machine, or to paying for another service — payroll.

A payroll service would need all of the data in order to remit paychecks, provide record keeping and bookkeeping to pay taxes as well. Factor in that businesses are required to file four quarterly tax periods along with annual Federal and probably state taxes, and now it becomes even more clear that this free online time clock saves a lot more money.

Money Saving Software System
Not to beat a dead analog time clock to death, but all those slips of paper that employees submit by hand contain errors. Glitches in regular time clocks translate into over payments, and sometimes put your relationship with employees and therefore the community at large in jeopardy.

Every employer has had to ask for money back from an employee. Even if the employee was deliberately taking advantage of a loophole, the word gets out and the employer looks bad. That means TimeClockHub.com saves on hiring a public relations firm or an online reputation management firm’s costs to save your reputation because of a faulty time clock.

In addition, having access to information in one system is a better way to lock down information. In this era of hackers and need for better encryption, less passing along of information among different “professionals” and their own faulty computer security is ideal.

When a company employs this free software, it interfaces easily with Quickbooks. That means you can cut out unnecessary risks of having your employee and company information falling into the wrong hands, while saving money on bookkeeping expenses.

It is a solution that is estimated to save $3700 every year. Though, you may save more than that when you factor in how much a few employee over payments, hiring the online reputation management company, and a bookkeeper cost.

It is the time clock system that more than 50,000 businesses entrust with their time-clock and payroll needs. It is free, and all you have to stand to lose are a lot of costly headaches.