Signs Your Small Business Needs Salesforce Software for CRM

Making sense of the complexities small business creates requires professional tools to keep track of sales, ordering and customers.  Achieve your goals and more with Salesforce Apps.

When you first set out running your small business, the tasks are simple.  Keeping track of everything from inventory to sales to what your customers are doing can be done with pen, paper and an excel spreadsheet.  However, as your business gets larger, it will likely outgrow the capabilities of these simple tools.  What you need is a scalable way to keep track of transactions and customers to keep yourself moving upwards.

When your business approaches the threshold of requiring CRM software there are several signs that will make them self noticed.  It is up to the business owner or manager to read and interpret the signals correctly so that your business does not lose efficiency or worse, turn into a chaotic mess.

The following are 7 signs that your business needs to upgrade its CRM processes:

  1. Your business team is no longer on the same page because they lack a single source of company information: Information about your customers is located in different places and employees don’t know what the other is up to. This creates a limited view scenario and causes an inefficient operational framework.
  2. Everyone in your business seems to be doing his or her own thing: This happens when there is too much going on for the owner or management to keep track of what everybody is doing.  This means accountability is lost and making plans for the future is very difficult.  It is important to know the workload and work rate of your employees to be able to seek out and realize new business opportunities.
  3. You spend too much time on reports and analysis: Monthly reports are the key to gaining insight into the health of your business so you can make adjustments or seek expansion opportunities.  If keeping up with reporting is taking up too much employee time and cutting into time for other necessary work, it’s time for software to help out.
  4. Data is being lost: In a complex business there is normally more than one employee working with a single client.  When you start playing broken telephone or information is not relayed at all, you need software to manage the information.
  5. Your team is not in touch: Having instant access to valuable information even when your employees are on the go is important to running an efficient business and keeping customers taken care of.
  6. All your customers get the same treatment: Your offers or sales pitches are the same for any potential new client. For a well-run business it is important to know what’s important to your customers.  No two clients are the same so your offers shouldn’t be either.
  7. Would your business be able to expand at the drop of a hat? What if you got a major contract and had to expand your operation to accommodate the extra workload.  Would you be able to stay organized and on top of tasks properly?  If not, it’s time for assistance from Salesforce Software.

If one or more of these signs are applicable to your business, it’s high time you consulted with a professional at a Salesforce Apps and Software vendor.  While Salesforce has many apps there are some vendors out there such as CRM Fusion that offer integrated apps for Salesforce that can fine tune your business process for a distinct competitive advantage.  Their website can be found at and their sales staff is standing by to help your business in it’s push for growth.