Bitcoins, Litecoins, Mining and more. How to do it simple !

You hear it all over the news. And on internet. Bitcoins is hot. But if you see the movies on YouTube, and hear what they need to start mining the bitcoins, lite-coins etc. Then you like to give up before you even start with it.

That is why I looked at a fun way to start with this and make a little money on the side as well. Not only with the bitcoins but also with writing about it. (But that is a other story 🙂

First we need to do  something really simple. Create a account here and download a program to mine from your PC. (Yes, if you have a PC then if you have the power you can already mine while your PC is online.) And it is a good and simple way to start mining.

And not only for the bitcoin, but for all kind of digital coins that are there.
And then when you have registered you can start your mining on your PC. And the fun part is that you can learn first without any cost to see if it is working for you. See below screenshots.

The first one is the actual mining program that is totally free. Simple download it and start mining.

And in this part of the screenshot you actual see the result of what you have mined so far.

As you can see I created just a test account to show this in a article.

And you do not only have to do the mining on your PC, below some screenshot from my phone. But would recommend to do this if it is on a charger. Otherwise the battery is pretty fast empty 🙂

And so, while I am writing this article on my PC, the computer makes a little money as you can see. And not only on the PC, but also on my Phone if I want.


And then there are other ways to make even more money. But that is a different story. But look for Asic Mining and check the below ads ! And you will know what I mean.

Any comment, questions? Just place them below. Spam will be removed 🙂