TSLA_Ticker_4-1 (2)What many people don’t realize is how they operate. While people work 12-14 even 20 hours that does not mean it is productive. Remaining focused is one of the key drivers to success. I hear all the time that people work these ungodly hours and what that says to me is one of two things, I have no life and no one likes me, or I am so unfocused that I bounce around from one task to another.

Neither will get you to the Promised Land. The first one I cannot help you with except you may reach out to me and we can begin a text chat so that you have one friend, because having all the money and success is worth nothing without people to share it with.

Now the second issues is fixable. I am one of the most unfocused individuals and have proven that to myself time and time again. As a matter of fact I begin this post and ended up writing 2 other completely different post as I kept getting sidetracked into other ideas. Sitting here right now and maintain the focus I need is terrible as I find my mind wandering into features of TrueIPO I need to develop of the way I want to have the look and feel of the blog. I have to continually bring myself back. The key here is I know this and control it. Most people have no clue they do this. What people tend to do is build lists of things to do and then focus on the ones they like to do putting all their passion into those. While there is nothing wrong with this it escalates. When you begin completing your passionate list and start to get to the items you don’t really want to do you add more to the list to fill the void of passion. So those items which I would imagine are important or they would not be on your list get pushed down further and begin to occupy space.

While each person needs to find their own fix for this I have some ideas that have True_Financial_Technologies__iOSbeen helpful to me. Our things to do is a never ending list that grows and shrinks based on what we are doing. People do many things to control this. You can begin a Trello Board or an Excel Spreadsheet or both. I use both for different types of lists but my true things to do list is on a white board in my office where I can see it every day so I am forced to see the things I don’t want to do. The reality is when an item gets on a list and is there longer than a day or so it becomes one of those hated tasks we procrastinate.
I create what is referred to a Most Important Task list or “MIT”. I would love to take credit for this but I read this on a blog or new story like this. Tis had helped me tremendously. It works like this. I add 3 and only 3 items to this list every day. What I do is put 2 that I will have lots of passion doing and 1 that seems to get pushed down the list. This allows me to have fun with the workload while also completing some of the important items that I don’t want to.

For instance today I had the following:
• Write a Blog Post
• Watch Videos of Competitor technology (from their website not illegal)
• Design TruePulse webpage

So out of those three which was the one I did not want to do. For me it was simple I love creating so 1 and 3 were layups while sitting and watching a video while important very boring is the one I have actually put off for one month now.
I was reading a great article that was on Business Insider I believe and it had a list of what some of the top entrepreneurs do each day to stay sane. I want to highlight some of these as they are great to learn from:
Asana CEO Dustin Moskovitz has No Meetings Wednesdays. Doing this will allow you to really catch up on some of the things that just need 100% focus and without interruptions

Beth Doane, founder of Raintrees, let’s all calls go to voicemail. Depending on your business I think this is fine as I do the same thing. If it is really important they will email, text, hit me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or wherever else. I am not hiding I am busy and need to se meetings so I can remain focused.

Shark Tank” investor Barbara Corcoran keeps track of her investments with photos on her wall. Must be quite a wall. This is actually brilliant. I have a wall in my office that is just a whiteboard for the same type of focus.
Tracy DiNunzio, founder and CEO of Tradesy, works from home one day each week. I think this is also an incredible idea and I have implemented this as it again allows me to work in an environment where I am not interrupted and can truly focus on the areas that require complete silence.

Finding ways to keep on task is essential for success. In order to truly understand what you do each and every day spend one solid week writing down each and everything you do so you can truly see where you are in the big scheme of things. Most people who have taken on this task were amazed at how much time they spent on items that while urgent are not important.

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