Requestion offers on Fiverr, and the alternatives you have !

When you see a website as you where always happy you could find a good service for a low price. And when the service was not available you could always create a request, and you would get offers on your request. Till so far all is good, however, as I have found out now it is really hard to see REALLY good people that actual send you a offer and actual response to your offer with a real response. I mean, they actual do NOT look at your request, and what is even really bad, they actual can not do the work, but still send you a offer.


For example, I know I can not write that good English as it is NOT my first language, but I write in it. However when I ask writers for articles on a specific subject, then they not only do NOT know the subject, they write me back is such a bad way, that I will never hire them. And then some will ask really a lot for just a simple job.

And a new thing is that I see a lot of sellers coming from Nigeria ? Not that I have a problem with Nigeria, but if you look at there profile, and compare the amount of offers you get from that place you see a lot of similar profiles. Nice picture of a female person that looks good. And when you contact them then most of the time they are male. I even found the profile pictures online from there. And the profile picture was NOT made in Nigeria !! So be careful with that.

A other thing I noticed when dealing with request was the amount of unnecesary information they where asking before a order even started. Like personal information ? I will never give it.

But just wanted to tell it here. I am now going to smaller platforms as and place my request there as I do not see this that much there. Only takes longer to find the correct person. But they do at least a better job.


Be save on internet !



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