Money online – Some good ways to make money online.

Money online – Some good ways to make money online. Any others ?

Don’t worry, this will not be a article that will give you those too-good-to-be-true internet scams that promise  you a lot. But give you in the end nothing. Money online – Some good ways to make it.  Some solid ideas to make you money online. No golden promises. Just facts.

In this article I simple want to tell you some great ways I found out myself to make money online. So lets start with this. There are several ways I earn money online. Here are some examples that I talk about in details in this article:


  1. – Selling your gigs, but also buying and reselling.
  2. Google Adsense – Making a profit in affiliate.
  3. Hosting Affiliate – I show you how.
  4. Amazon affiliate – Great way to make your articles interesting and also to make some extra cash.
  5. Ebay Affiliate – A little harder to come in then the average Affiliate program, but it still is a good one.
  6. Trading options – Another good way to make money.
  7. Buying and Selling websites.
  8. Sell website advertising space.
  9. Sell your files !
  10. Sell your gigs here !



I think this is one of the best ways to make some extra cash online. A website where you can sell and buy gigs.
Whatever you can make, Programs, Movies, Articles, Crafts or anything else, you can sell it on

But you can also buy services and resell them. All together a good way to really make some money today. Sign up, and sell your gigs today!


2. Google Adsense.

Your cash machine online ? Yes, one of the biggest way to make some good cash is Google Adsense. But there is one thing people most of the time are forgetting. It cost you a lot of effort to really make some money with Google Adsense.
Do NOT click on your own links. (Or buy in the gigs from websites like gigs that tell you they can do it Google Adsense save. Because they can NOT do that.) When you use it the correct way, you can make a nice income from it. Try it out. Signup here!


3. Hosting Affiliate.

Money Online – Our solid Suggestions
Money Online – Our solid Suggestions

Another good way t make money is referring people to hosting, where you have  signup on a affiliate program like this.
When you register, you can start promoting this hosting, and the best way is you get paid up to 60 dollar when someone buys hosting there ! A fast and solid way to make extra cash.

A great way to promote your links is in websites that are talking about hosting. But you can also start talking about affiliate hosting in your own blog.

Another way is for example offering services where people need to buy hosting. Then send your affiliate hosting link and you get a commission. So you make money in 2 ways.

4. Amazon links.

When I write articles about text, or for example this article I can place pictures from amazon products with the article to support it. In that way I can make money from my Amazon affiliate, but also make my article look better.  Try it out. Sign up here.

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5. Ebay Affiliate.

Click Here

Another good way to make money online is the eBay Partner Network. (In other words the affiliate program from eBay)
It will take you a little longer to sign up, but once you are in, you can actual start making some real cash.
The program works similar to Amazon. Place links to product on your website and when people click on it and buy you get a percentage. Aldo the rules are changed there are still plenty of people that make good money with it.


6. Trading.

Anotor good way to make money is Trading in options. Meaning you buy and sell options, or what I even like more is signing up here and predict if the options are going up or down. It looks like a bit of a gamble, but I can really make money with it. In a real fast way. And if you watch the news, look at some stocks then you can really make some cash. Signup and try it today!


7. Buying and selling websites.

Yes, most of the time you can simple buy and/or sell websites online. It is a good way to make a profit. This website is for example for sale here. And for the person who is buying it. You get also FREE hosting for ONE year. Bids start as low a 10 pounds. But there is a reserve !

But you can also buy websites here! But you can also sell them there. What automatic let me come to point 8.


8. Sell and buy advertising space.

You can buy or sell your website advertising space on This is a great way to make money with this website.
If you have some real estate domain name then you can for sure make some money. Not only by selling your advertising space but also by using there affiliate link. Just register and start selling your advertising space today and make some extra cash.


9. Sell your files.


Just to make it simple, money online by checking the below link and you will know exactly what I mean!

Freelancer Marketplace


10. Sell your gigs here :

Another way to make money online is this. There are a lot of people looking for programmers, website designers. So, just register below and start making some extra cash! Below are just some example projects that are asked. So, register here and make some extra cash today!


As you can see there are lot of great opportunities to make real money online. And I am sure there are many many more ways. But I would like to hear from you if you have any  other ideas. Just mention it in a comment.

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