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Management- Or Management Software?

Management- Or Management Software?


If you’re struggling to manage your homeowners association with limited tools, but don’t want to hire a management company, HOA management software may be a happy compromise.

As a self-managed association, finding the right tools to manage your HOA can be difficult. Most tools on the market are generic for basic accounting and data tracking so any type of company can use them. For community associations, this usually doesn’t work due to the unique types of accounting and data that need to be tracked. Records of outbound payments to vendors, incoming dues payments from homeowners, and information regarding common areas and specific units and lots can require page after page of spreadsheets using Excel or Excel-like grids. HOA management software eliminates the need for these spreadsheets by putting all the information in one place. Condo Manager takes it a step further and integrates accounting functions so only one program is needed for everything.

All versions of Condo Manager come equipped with an accrual accounting system and the ability to create accounts for every owner and home in the association. With the accounting functions, users can input and pay vendor invoices, receive and process dues payments (or integrate lockbox!), and even reconcile bank assessments. These accounting functions are wizard supported and user-friendly, so whether the user has a degree in accounting or hates basic math, the system is simple to use. Each individual owner account can store information such as alternative addresses, contact information, pool fob and parking numbers, or any other pertinent information using customizable fields.

As a module based solution, additional features can be added on a need basis. Small, single-family associations may not need the work order module like a condominium association, but could benefit greatly from the architectural request and violations module. Track requests from submission to approval, and violations from creation through the different levels of your enforcement process.

We understand board members are busy, so Condo Manager’s built in to-do list can create reminders within the program so everything from an ARC to dues assessments is taken care of in a timely manner and nothing is forgotten. With every aspect of managing the association included in one easy to use solution, the perfect tools to ensure your association is at its very best are at your fingertips.


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