Making a shop and make a profit in the first 2 weeks trial

When you create a SHOP and already make a PROFIT in the trial period it will give you a motivation to continue with your shop !


That is why we created this to give you the ability so start in a good way ! So that before Black Friday, Cyber Monday you will have your shop up and running ! Simple REGISTER your trial.

After you have done that you need to do the following in settings (Really important !)

Settings – General

Be sure to write in the store name. And make sure the contact information is correct.

Store address need to be set as well. Can be a PO box or real address.

Make sure you set the time correct.

Unit system (Metric for Europe, and for USA Imperial)

Click now back on SETTINGS !

Then modify:


(Really important, because if you do NOT fill this in you will NOT get PAID!)

You can select here for payment method. Select at least ONE ! Up to you what you want to use!

Settings – Checkout

Select here Accounts are required under Customer accounts.

Make sure that you select under Customer contact To check out with email only.


Set under Form Options Full name that you Require first and last name.

Company name can be set to Optional. (Same with Optional Address Line.)

Important : Settings – Order processing

While the customer is checking out – Keep this : Use the shipping address as the billing address by default

After an order has been paid – Make sure to keep this :

Do not automatically fulfill any of the order’s line items

You keep then control of the orders.

About : After an order has been fulfilled and paid

Disable this part. As you want to keep the control yourself.

Email marketing – Select here : Preselect the sign-up option

And under Abandoned checkouts sent to Anyone who abandons checkout.

Sent after – 1 Hour (so they still remember!)

Settings – Shipping

Make sure that the Shipping form origin is CORRECT !

Edit the places where you want to ship to. Be sure that this is correct, otherwise you can loose a lot of money. Special if you use drop-shipping.  (Will get back on that as well in this article.)

Settings – Taxes

I know, not everyone likes it. But you have to fill it in. Check it and be sure it is correct.

Settings – Locations

If you have more places where you are shipping from then you can use this. Otherwise there will be at least one place here.

Settings – Gift Cards

Let them expire after 12 Months

Settings – Notifications

Here you can customize the Notifications to your customers.

It is also a good place to send FREE advertising to your customers !

Settings – Files 

Just check it. Not much to say about it 🙂

Sales channels

You created already this SHOP but there are more ways to add sales channels to your shop like eBay, Amazon, Facebook etc. You can do that here.

Settings – Account

If you have setup your SHOP then here you find your account information.

This is also the place where you can add staff to your account. A expensive way to hire a expert is possible. But you can also hire someone like me from

Settings – Billing

To be able to pay for thing you did (Re)sell. You can setup here a payment.

Would recommend to set that up as soon as you start selling it.

Because it is NOT needed as you will see a bill here if you sold something. Then you still can pay it.

Settings – Legal

Be sure that you fill in the legal part.  You can use the templates to created the pages, then create under:

Online Store – Theme

Pages the page that you need. You can also create there the Contact page and pages like Privacy Policy !

So far first the setting pages.

Now let’s make a profit in your NEW shop !

First a quick check of the SHOP ! theme and that you have add your Domain name to your SHOP!

Online Store – Domain

Check here first if you have add your website to your SHOP.

If you have done this, then check Themes.

Under Themes you can setup and customize the look of your shop. Here you can add your logo, favicon and other things like that.

Then you need to check :

Online Store – Preferences

Be sure you fill in the information here. (Store name, Meta Description.

This is also the place where you can DISABLE the PASSWORD !

On the bottom you find the place to use Google reCaptcha. Do this, it will save you from some spam.

Making a profit ! Here is how to do that.

Whatever you are selling, the tips I give here will ALWAYS work !

  1. Free products
  2. Free Download
  3. Subscription
  4. Discounts

Above are just 4 SIMPLE ways to create a profit.  I hear you say, how can I make a profit by giving something away ? (First 2 options) Simple.

1 and 2. Free Product or Download.

When you give away a free download or any other product, you can do that in combination with a other PAID product. Or make it worth while to give it away for example to get a new customer.

You see this a lot. Bring a new customer and get …….. for free.

3. Subscription

Getting people to sign up for a subscription will give you the change to make a mailing list where you can send your offers to. However, the disadvantage is that there are a lot of people who simple fill in a fake email. So make sure that they get something when they use a REAL email address and check on FAKE or temp email addresses.

4. Discounts

I think that DISCOUNTS is the best change that you can have to get more customers and let excising customers buy more.

Create your DISCOUNTS under the menu, and spread them on social media. And you will see it will work. The buy one get one free is also a good option to sell more.

A new option is the Automatic Discount on checkout. I am NOT so happy with this, as they are already at the checkout. So I would recommend the NORMAL discount above the automatic discount.

But it is a good way to SELL more if you use it in a correct way.

(We are updating this article while you read it. Soon more.)

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