How to turn spam into profit ?

Turn spam into profit!This is a little trick I have learned in the past ! I got a lot of spam in comments, and it got me frustrated ! Why, simple, I had to remove it every time. And even if there are great programs that can remove your spam, I still got stuck with the spam!

Then I was thinking, I can better use the spam comment that I got. For example I got this comment :

 I love your website. I found it by mistake, but I sure hope that you visit my shitty website as well!

Sorry, Shitty website would not be standing there. But some link to there affiliate would be. And this is what I did with it.

I changed the link as you can see in above example and approved the comment. Result. The person was checking  the link and I made money from it !

I know. Maybe not complete correct. But he, I made a profit from my website in that way.


This is just one idea I did. And there are plenty other ideas ! I know for sure! Maybe you know something else. Lets talk about it here !


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