How to find a great domain name!

There are lots of ways to come up with a domain name, however this must be one of my favorites : BUSTANAME
When you click on it you come in below screen:


It is a simple way to find a good domain name, but before you start. One important rule. Check your spelling. As I found out today again (And trust me, I have made my share of domain names already. But I still did it wrong) check it again before ordering.

With the website BUSTANAME you can easily find a good domain name. In #1 (Start Here – Word combiner) you enter the word that you need for a domain name. Say for example you want to start with a new blog.

So you enter BLOG there.


Then click in above example on the Add Group.

So you see the part below as changed.

blog3Then you can actual start adding words that you want to combine with the word blog. So you see something like below:

blog4And the good part is that from every word that you ad that you can find an alternative if they have it by pressing the arrow after the minus sign (-) what is there for taking the word away.

The website has plenty other options. But I want to keep it first with this. If you like it, I can explain more that you can do. Just ask for it in a comment.




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