How I become A Fiverr level 2 seller within 2 months !


My name is John ! I am a Fiverr Lever 2 Seller!
Thanks to I can tell you my story about how I become a :

Fiverr level 2 Seller

in just 2 months! I already registered as a buyer for about 4 years ago. That is why my name is Johnb12. First name and letter plus the year I registered, Maybe not the best name. But I registered then simple to buy some gigs. As I did.


2 months ago I decided to become a seller. So I placed a few gigs on it, and 60 plus sales further down the road I am a level 2 seller. But what means it actual to become a Fiverr level 2 seller ? I do not want to explain the whole level system from Fiverr, so for that I point you to them here !

Most people think that you have to be a genius to sell gigs on Fiverr, but that is not true. If you have a good skill or interest in something then you can place gigs on Fiverr.

Here are my tips :

  1. What are your hobbies ? Any special skill you like to share. Offer a service for advice about it on Fiverr.
  2. Can you fix things on computer, in home (Yes, even outside the computer you can always give advice)
  3. Create gigs that are in demand. Or find a specific niche that is not there at the moment but that people like to know. Maybe latest software or hardware. Special hobbies ? Just try it out.
  4. Keep your service high quality ! Whatever you do, do not try to lower your price so much that you can official not do it. Better offer something more and better then trying to lower your offer and get almost nothing for a lot of time spend.
  5. Special when you start you need every sale you can get to become a fiverr level 2 seller as soon as possible. Offer a bonus ! As an example. You offer to write a article from 500 words for a Fiverr. And you are not only offering the article, but you also added a copyright free photo to the article that you made yourself !
    In that way your customer will be extra happy. And it is free publicity if he or she is telling it to others !
  6. Enjoy your work on Fiverr !!! Maybe something strange to say, but as soon as you start working on Fiverr, and you do NOT like to do a gig that you have on it. Then remove the gig. (Pause it and rethink the gig !) Why, simple, people will see it / notice it on your work, and then your rating will drop.
  7. Sometimes you get requests that you can not do. Or are even simple rude. Be polite, always give a nice answer back (It is sometimes hard, but you have to) And if it is really NOT working, then cancel a gig.

So far a few of my tips on Fiverr. If you have questions you can ask them here. If you need my services, then contact me here ! (Click on the link 🙂


Here is my latest gig :

Hope to see your order soon ….



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