How to get traffic to my website ?

This is actual one of the most asked questions on the internet. Why, simple. Because people think that when they build a website, they see that there is actual almost nobody is looking at there website after a while. So, they try to find out how they can get real traffic to there website. I would like to give here a change to tell your ways to get traffic to your website. But I will first tell how I get website traffic.

Here are my suggestions :

1. The first one is pretty simple. And is build around the website What you need to do is pretty simple. Register, and after you have been approved with your link and banners you are able to place a code on your website. If someone clicks on the banner of that code you get 4 visits back to your website. In this way you exchange website traffic for free. And sure, you can even buy there cheap traffic. But with this coded it is not needed.

2. With this way you can easy get more traffic. Simple register here :

Then you add points to your account by visiting other websites and / or following people on twitter, facebook and more, and you get more traffic. Try it out. Working for me !

So far first my ideas. What do you use to get more traffic to your website ?

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