– A new fiverr clone / alternative !

There are many

Fiverr clone

websites like

Most of these website use a standard script like to make it working. With that script you can create a basic website that looks like

The good part is, that it can be adjusted. But if you have no skills to do that yourself, then you need to hire a freelancer. The biggest problem for that is that you can NOT go to and ask there if some programmer can make modifications to your script.

But there are actual fiverr clone websites that allowing it to ask for making changes on the script that they actual use themselves. One of those websites is this :

User Jenny is making modifications and updates website that are based on the website. we have asked Jenny to write a about what she is actual doing on website like

So, lets hear about what Jenny is doing on fiverscript clone websites:


My name is Jenny. I am a freelance programmer on

From there I help people who have website problems in general. But I also help in this gig :


people that actual need updates on there fiverrscript clone website. (The same script that is actual using.)

I can help any website owner who is using the fiverrscript with the following :

  1. Updates from the script
  2. Maintenance of the website
  3. Installing / updating the script
  4. Making the website more secure
  5. Make modifications to the website
  6. Installing new modules
  7. Change layout / theme

As you can see, there is a lot that I can do. But I would suggest, that if you need something done, that you simple contact me on the website. (Register first) And I am glad to answer your questions.

P.S. and the good part is, that with the referral system on you can even make money without selling any gigs. Try it out!