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In the article here about making money online you see that Fiverr is a good way to make a profit.
I am a Fiverr Seller for about 2 years now, and in this article I am going to share with you how I made a profit profit profit

with some of my techniques that have never failed me. I let you know how you can turn negative feedback into a solid positive feedback. But also will talk about hw to deal with your customers to please them.

Having a 100% Feedback is crucial to make a profit, as it keeps you bumping up levels, allowing you to make more and more money on your Gigs. But besides that, I don’t know about you but if I have to choose between two Fiverr selling the same gig, then I will select the one with the best rating !

So, how can you keep your rating 100%, and make more money this way with Fiverr.

  1. NEVER deliver your gigs to late!
    If you feel you can not deliver a gig. Cancel it and say the buyer you are sorry but can not do it.
    Offer them to compensate later with a extra service !
  2. However wrong a buyer is, if you really want to make a profit, let him always believe he is right. Even if they are rude, simple try to do your best to respond with politeness (I know it can be hard) and courtesy. Offer again a bonus. Do whatever is needed to make the customer happy.
    In the end they win anyway, because they buy from you. And Fiver has NO real rating for a buyer. (Come on Fiverr. Make it)
  3. Be prepared to see really strange reactions on your gigs. Like people ordering without reading the whole content of your gig. Totally ignoring your gig rules. And more of this stuff. Good thing is that Fiverr changed some ruse, so you can cancel now. But keep in mind that to many cancellations still effect your rating in the end.
  4. Be sure that when you finish any job that you tell your buyer that whatever is done for a gig, that they still come back to you if they have any questions. You can start writing a standard part of text that you have always on your computer.
    Make it something like :Thanks for the order. The gig is now closed. BUt if you have any questions about this gig, or if you are not 100% satisfied then I am still happy to answer any concern / questions that you have about this gig. If you are 100% satisfied with my work then I sure hope you can leave a positive feedback behind. This will help me to provide more services here on fiverr in the future. 

    This is just an example, and you can adjusted the way you want to have it.

Above are just some examples to keep your customer happy. If you keep all above in mind then you will see that it is worth the effort that you will put in creating and selling your gigs to create a profit. Especial in the beginning you are wondering why you have to do all the hard work for only the 4 dollar that you get from every fiverr gig. But trust me, once you are a top rated seller you will see that it is going even faster.

Good luck with selling gigs on


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