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Get More Sales With These 5 Proven Headlines

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In the world of marketing, your first impression — your headline — can lead to either sales success … or failure.

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Article Body:
It’s important to realize that headlines work best when they appeal to your reader’s interests (not yours). And not only can they *grab attention*, they can also make your message easy to read, convey your main selling points, and lead your customer to a sale.

Over the years copywriting pros have used several headline formulas that always work well. Here are my fab five:

1. The Question: “Are You Worried About Your Financial Future?”

A question headline automatically gets your readers involved in your message, because they answer it in their minds. Many people will read further into your letter, ad, or Web site copy just to find out what answer or solution you provide. Again, make sure the question focuses on the reader’s interest, not yours. A bad example would be: “Do You Know What New Product We’ve Created This Year?” (No one cares but you!)

2. The How-to: “How to Get Thinner Thighs in 30 Days.”

How-to headlines work very well, because people love information that shows them how to do something. (Thousands of book titles begin with “How to….”) Think of the benefits your product/service offers and then try creating some “how to” headlines <a href=””>email newsletter</a>.

3. The Testimonial: “Jane Smith’s Consulting Is Pure Magic — Our Sales Have Increased by 30%!”

Why not let your clients do the selling for you? Their commendations can go a long way in convincing others to use your services. Tip: To appear credible, always include your clients’ full names and the cities they live in.

4. The Command: “Boost Your Business Today!”

Turn your most important benefit into a commanding headline, such as “Make More Time for Your Family,” “Look Younger Instantly!” and “Get 7 New Clients This Month.” (By the way, throwing a number into your headline is another good tactic. And readers seem to like odd numbers as opposed to even.)

5. The News: “Introducing Our New ‘Rest-Assured’ Tax Service!”

Caution: This only works if you truly have something big to announce that is of interest to the reader. (Something that will make her life or business better.) Don’t try to make news out of something that’s not.

Once your readers know you have something they’re interested in, they’ll take the time to read your entire article, brochure, letter, ad, e-zine, or Web page. So put some TLC into creating headlines that entice!

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Credit Card Articles


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Credit Card Debt And Security Risks

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An individual who is financially overextended is at risk of engaging in illegal acts to generate funds.

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Article Body:
Credit card debt can push people over the edge and cause them to do things they wouldn’t normally do.  They don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel and resort to desperate means to try to fix their credit problem.

Amount of debt determines, in part, how stressed and desperate a person is as a result of financial problems. However, what caused the debts and how one deals with these financial obligations tells more than amount of debt about a person’s reliability, trustworthiness, and judgment.

If a person is not at fault for the financial problems and is dealing with them in a reasonable manner, security concern is substantially alleviated. On the other hand, debts caused by irresponsible or impulsive behavior or by gambling, alcohol abuse or drug abuse are a serious concern. A person who is irresponsible in fulfilling financial obligations may be irresponsible in fulfilling other obligations, such as following the rules for protecting classified information.

Financial stress is common among a large segment of the population. Many immature young persons go through a period of difficulty adjusting to the temptations of easy credit. Most people with financial difficulties do not view crime as an appropriate means of solving their problems, but the few who do are a serious concern. Of recent spies who betrayed their country for money, about half were motivated by some real or perceived urgent financial need, and about half by personal greed. Greedy individuals often have a compulsive need for money or goods as a measure of success or as a source of self-esteem, influence, power, or control.

Financial problems can cause people to resort to the extreme.  This has happened numerous times in the military and government.  An individual gets into debt and resorts to stealing military or trade secrets and sells them to other governments for fast cash.  Most don’t receive enough to pay their bills, continue to provide the information, and eventually get caught and imprisoned.

If you have reached what you think is the end of your rope, don’t take such drastic actions.  There are ways to get out of debt and it starts with getting organized, creating and sticking to a budget, and chipping away at the debt little by little.

Your financial problems will not be resolved over night.  But, with persistence, you can get out trouble.

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