How to get fast more traffic, more followers and more !

I hear a lot of people asking on how to get traffic to there website ? But they also want to know how they can get more twitter followers, facebook followers and hits on there youtube channel. I have one simple answer for that :


Go here : Register, and follow the rules what you need to do there, and you will see how easy it is to get free traffic to your website !

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How to get more twitter followers fast ?

If you start a business, you can not forget to create an twitter account.

But creating a account is not that difficult. Getting people to follow you will be more difficult. There are all kind of ways (Legal and illegal) to get those twitter followers and we will talk about all of them.

Will make 2 list of top 10 ways to get more twitter followers the legal and illegal way.

So, lets start first with a top 10 of getting Legal twitter followers.


Top 10 to get legal twitter followers.

    1. Promote your articles with at the end a share button to any of the social social media. (See this website as example.)
    2. Be sure that people can find your twitter account. See our example (Right sidebar)
    3. Keep your twitter account up to date.
    4. Post regular tweets.
    5. Make regular new posts. At least once a week!
    6. Be sure that your Twitter profile photo is up to date. Do NOT leave it as it is standard. (The egg 🙂
    7. Follow more people so they will follow you.
    8. Post now and then a interesting tweet with picture / video !
    9. Add a follow button like this to your website !
    10. Comment on blog posts using your @thebizworkscom : You will get most of the time the opportunity to comment using your Twitter name. A website named Disqus let you log into Twitter directly, but you can also fill in the empty “name” field with your Twitter name.

Okay, one extra : Ask for re-tweets. The best way to get more followers is if you get retweets!



Top 3 to get illegal twitter followers.


What can you better NOT do to get more twitter followers ?
Here is my top 3 :

  1. Buy in any form twitter followers ! There are many people offering twitter followers on websites like Do NOT buy them. Most of the time it is a good reason for Twitter to suspend your account!
  2. Follow to fast with auto follow programs.
  3. Use websites like Addmefast,,

Above are official not all illegal, except for the first one. But if you use it, and you get to many followers to fast then your account can get deleted by