Do not trust stories that are to good to be true !

I was reading a article and then a popup showed up about a man who become millionaire in one week with trading ….

Should you believe something like that ? Let’s start with the article !


First thing I noticed was that all comments where directed to the website where the article was written. But Also that if you looked up the people on Facebook where the comments should have been taken from that I could not find those people.

Still no reason that it should be a scam. But the website added n the bottom all the time :

Handelen impliceert potentieel verlies van geïnvesteerd kapitaal. (In dutch)

Der Handel mit CFDs birgt erhebliche Verlustrisiken.(German)

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss.(English)

And sure. They have to mention that. But if you check then online the website then you see a lot of people complaining about how the try you to convince in using your money to invest. But that they are terrible of paying out.

Then I would think. Lets try something else !


As you can see I did not mention the website. Why, simple, because I do not have the experience myself with this website.  But before you do anything online, I have some basic advice. Whatever you trying to do to make money, it will always work if you do the following :

  1. Check online if people have experience with it. Best is to look at forums, or open communities like Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Before you invest, check if it is easy to get money back. And do you have to pay for it?
  3. Check if the website is registered as a business ?
  4. See how long it in the market ?

This are just some tips. But again. If it looks to good to be true, then most of the time it is !