5 great tips to sell on eBay

I’m writing this article for those who are just starting with eBay and need advice. 

Whatever you want to sell on ebay, I will give you here 5 tips to make a good change to actual start selling it!

5 great tips to sell on eBay

1. Shipping

No matter if you are selling DVDs, books, CD, cars or iphone accessory , all things need to be mailed.
And it’s the postage, handling fees and mailing that seems to cause a great deal of fear among new sellers.

But there is no need for this fear. But whatever you ship. Do NOT overcharge your shipping.  If you do, in the end you will see that you will receive bad feedback, because the people can see that you actual charged more then the actual price of shipping is. Do NOT do it. But be careful that you are also NOT underestimated the weight of an package, because that will actual causing your final profit to shrink.

2. Article description.

It sound simple. But be precise in what you are selling. If you are selling a used item, then make it clear in the description of the item as well that it is a used item. Damaged ? Tell it, and show it in the pictures. (See point 3.)
Be as precise as you can be in telling what you are selling. The more information you place in the Item details the better change you will have to sell the item you are selling.

3. Pictures.

Most people sell an item on eBay with pictures with it. (If you did NOT do that you are missing a real big opportunity to sell, simple because a picture is telling more then …… Okay, you got it.

But lets talk about the picture that you make. If you make a picture make it clear that you actual have the picture from the item you are selling in it. And only the item you are selling. The more “Extra” you have in a picture, the more confusing it will get. Also check if the picture is clear ! Not to dark, and sharp.

4. Prices.

Be realistic with prices. Do NOT overprice a item. Big change that you never will sell the item. simple because everyone is comparing the prices online. And they will look most of the time for a cheaper item then yours.
A good thing is to offer a little more. (Like for example FREE shipping!)

5. Check other listings.

For me this was always one of my favorite things to do. I checked other listings of my articles that where sold before. (You know you can actual looking for sold items ? See for example here ! (See picture below)

Sold Listings on Ebay

Sold Listings on Ebay

As you can see in above picture, you can actual look at sold listings. Find the best once that are sold and create your own listings from it. You will see it will help you sell more on eBay.

Let me know if this was working for you. And if you have more idea’s then send them in !