Build your own shop and make a profit

If you want to set up your own shop but not have the time to do it all, then this is the best way to do it. And the best way is actual that you can try it 14 days for free. So register first, and let’s start. You do not have any programming language and you do not want to be involved with technical aspects such as (security) updates and finding a hosting provider? Shopify perfectly meets all these criteria.

Shopify is also quite affordable. For an amount of 29 dollars (approximately 21 euros) you have unlimited bandwidth and you can place an unlimited number of products in your store. You are limited to 1 GB of storage space, but that will not be a problem so quickly. Keep in mind that on top of this subscription amount transaction costs of 2% are charged on every product sold.

But lets first see a website that is active, and check out the front and back-end. Start your free trial now! And the best part is. You do NOT need anything to sell, because you can create a so called dropshipping website. So your orders will be created from people who offering there products. On your shop. And as soon as they got ordered the seller of that product deliver the product to your customer with your information on it. And you get a part of the profit. A great way to start. Check out And see this little video.

(Working on the video) (We are still updating and working at this moment on the video. Come back later if article is finished)

How to get traffic to my website ?

This is actual one of the most asked questions on the internet. Why, simple. Because people think that when they build a website, they see that there is actual almost nobody is looking at there website after a while. So, they try to find out how they can get real traffic to there website. I would like to give here a change to tell your ways to get traffic to your website. But I will first tell how I get website traffic.

Here are my suggestions :

1. The first one is pretty simple. And is build around the website What you need to do is pretty simple. Register, and after you have been approved with your link and banners you are able to place a code on your website. If someone clicks on the banner of that code you get 4 visits back to your website. In this way you exchange website traffic for free. And sure, you can even buy there cheap traffic. But with this coded it is not needed.

2. With this way you can easy get more traffic. Simple register here :

Then you add points to your account by visiting other websites and / or following people on twitter, facebook and more, and you get more traffic. Try it out. Working for me !

So far first my ideas. What do you use to get more traffic to your website ?

Why You Ought to Love Unsubscribes

In case you are like most new entrepreneurs you simply dread logging into your autoresponder and seeing that you’ve misplaced checklist members on account of them unsubscribing. Nicely I’m right here to inform you three good causes to stay up for getting unsubscribes.

The primary is that you’re really utilizing your record. The one means that I’ve ever seen to not get an unsubscribe is to by no means ship an electronic mail. If you’re not going to make use of the listing why go to the effort and time to construct it. So congratulate your self while you get the unsubscribe since you are literally utilizing your checklist.

The second factor is that somebody is opening your e mail. To unsubscribe they needed to not less than open the e-mail and click on the unsubscribe hyperlink. The nice factor is that your headline labored and bought them to open your e-mail. Now in case you are utilizing dishonest headlines, (You have got gained, your account standing, and different headlines alongside these traces) this isn’t a great factor and you might be reaping what you might have sown. In case you are utilizing a stable headline that matches your e mail and it will get opened this can be a good factor. Your headline is doing its job.

The third good cause to be glad to get unsubscribes has to do with persona. Now here’s a shocker (stated with sarcasm dripping from the keyboard) Not everybody goes to love you or your writing fashion. Those who do not will unsubscribe. The great factor although is that if they do not care in your type you’ll by no means construct a relationship with them. If you cannot construct a relationship with them they are going to almost definitely by no means purchase from you. So every unsubscribe will make your checklist extra focused to individuals who truly like your type and usually tend to reply favorably to your gives that meet their wants.

So now you’ve gotten three good causes to now not dread seeing that folks have determined to unsubscribe out of your record. Rejoice in the truth that you might be truly making your checklist stronger and extra worthwhile for you within the longer run.

Making a profit from Writing ?

If you’re passionate about writing and want to make it your career, you need to be resourceful, professional, determined and self-motivated to succeed. Writing for a living isn’t easy and unless you’ve already landed a five figure book deal for your latest novel, you need to be as creative in generating income as you are with your words.

To help you profit from writing, here are a few opportunities to explore: Guest Post
Writing for Magazines
This is the starting point for many freelance writers who want to be published and paid. Magazines require good content and many editors still rely on freelance writers to provide it. Although the market is competitive, if you can produce well-researched, original articles to suit the magazine’s style and readership, you’ll have a greater chance of winning a commission.

My tips: Focus on writing about what you know, drawing upon any specialist knowledge or interests. Use the Internet to study publications all over the world to increase your markets.

Write Greetings Card Verses
Greetings card companies often seek original verse or prose for their range of cards. If you have a forte for writing short humorous or meaningful passages, this could provide a successful opening for you.

My tips: Take a look at the verses in greetings cards to study their style. Create a few sample verses. Note the name of the greetings card publisher and contact them for their current requirements.

Create Copy for the Business Sector
One of the more lucrative writing opportunities is copywriting for businesses and public sector organisations. If your writing is concise, clear and fresh, you’ll find there is a market for your services producing leaflets, guides, press releases, advertising copy and web content.

My tips: Produce a portfolio of your work to show the diversity of your skills. Attend a business network event to market your services.

Take a Staff Writing Job
Freelance writing is great but if you prefer the relative security of a regular income and the warmth and vitality of a creative office environment, you might consider applying for a staff based writing position. Many opportunities exist for journalists, copywriters, web content writers, editors and feature writers. Recently, a major company even required the services of a dedicated letter writer! The skills of a quality writer are in demand and you’ll find that most salaries reflect this.

My tips: Spend time writing a professional CV and produce some sample writing. First impressions count!

Become a Ghost-writer!
Some writers make a reasonable living ghost-writing other people’s life stories. You can receive payment on a work-for-hire basis or on a royalty share agreement. If you enjoy interviewing people and writing at length, this will have great appeal.

My tips: Speak to other ghost-writers and research the book publishing field so that you gain a reasonable working knowledge of the current trends.

Compile Crosswords, Puzzles and Fillers
Writing short filler material, from anecdotes to puzzles, can be quite rewarding. Many publications feature a regular crossword to entertain their readers. Although considered to be quite a closed-market, it is worth approaching publications with ideas or samples for consideration.

My tips: Research your markets carefully. Target new publications where there may be openings. Offer fillers and puzzles relevant to the target readership.

Expand Your Range of Services
Some writers find it easy spotting typos or English grammar mistakes. If you’re one of them, consider taking a course in editing or proofreading to expand on your range of wordsmith services! There is often a decent demand for these services so it will provide an additional source of revenue.

My tips: Take a course and gain a qualification. Contact publishing companies as many now use the services of freelance copyeditors and proofreaders.

If you have specialist knowledge, consider writing and self-publishing a book or a series of guides or newsletters! With the right topic and good marketing, you can build a niche publication. For example, some authors have turned their hobby of walking into providing guidebooks and newsletters on local walks. You could do something similar, whether your interest is sewing, cycling, cooking or woodworking.

My tips: try print-on-demand publishing or publishing electronically to keep costs down while you’re building your publishing venture.

Good luck in your career as a writer! With the right approach, you’ll find there are many opportunities to become a successful wordsmith. Guest Post

How to get fast more traffic, more followers and more !

I hear a lot of people asking on how to get traffic to there website ? But they also want to know how they can get more twitter followers, facebook followers and hits on there youtube channel. I have one simple answer for that :


Go here : Register, and follow the rules what you need to do there, and you will see how easy it is to get free traffic to your website !

Another way to get more traffic is to get backlinks from websites that have a higher pr ranking then your own website. If you want to have your link on this website then you can contact us.


Affiliate profit the easy way!

There are lots of websites that actual offer you a way to make money. They even go so far tat they actual are offering you up to 70% from every sale ?? Yes, 70 % !!! Meaning you get 70 dollar from every 100 dollar that is sold? You do not believe it? Then check it out here! They sell WordPress Themes Themes and plugins and you get 70% of it ! Simple register and give your PayPal account in and you are good to go!


But there are more similar websites, like this website that is actual is selling complete websites and / or domain names. Register as a affiliate and you get 25 % of every sold websites in there shop.


And there are more ways ! Hosting for example is also a good way to make a profit. 40 % of every sale is not nothing!

And if you are looking for special affiliate programs, then you can even offer Adult Hosting affiliate, and you will see that a lot of people are looking for that.

Try it out, again, simple register and spread the word about it. Tell me the results you got in a comment! (No spam ! Thanks)  And If you have others that you would like to mention where you have a good result withaffiliate, then let me know, and I will test it, and place the result under this little article.


Invoice Home-A Quick and Easy Free Online Invoice System

Invoice Home-A Quick and Easy Free Online Invoice System


The thing about putting up a business is that you have to divide your focus on some details and functionality. One of the most crucial compartments in an entrepreneurial endeavor is trading part — where you give off the service or the products in exchange for a set payment rate. Sometimes, the problem is not about the other end not wanting to equate the transaction, but unwanted obstructions that simply bog down the whole getting paid process. This is why invoicing is utterly significant, and that is why it has to be in a more seamless, attractive and efficient manner. On that note, Invoice Home might as well be the end game of invoicing for you.


The Premise is a free online invoice system that seeks to aid small online business and entrepreneurs alike by being able to enjoy the easy creation of highly effective and innovative electronic invoices. It comes with an easy interface that can make invoicing painless without any form of studied knowledge or anything to that effect. In a nutshell, it is a no brainer tool. The kind of thing you need to get paid in the fastest and most reliable manner.


Getting Signed Up


Once again, the system is for free and you can enjoy its features and functionality to improve your business processes and manage your invoices without any form of exhaustion or the anxiety of any failed attempt to send the bill right up to your clients. Direct. No swerves and no delays. Just your invoice showing up to who they have to.



How It Works


You know the drill, at least the first part. You have to sign up and you, again, can do that penniless. The logic — you are invoicing to get payment, not the other way around. Once you have signed up, you will see the dashboard and then be able to create the invoices that you have to bill to respective recipients to. As promised, preparing an invoice is so easy, all it takes is to click “New Invoice” and then fill out the required details, which would be your company name or your name together with your address, if you might like, as well as the name of the person or company to which the invoice must be billed out to. You will then have to enter the necessary details such as the product or service availed, the quantity of the item or the length of the service, the amount that goes in accord to your discussed rate, and so on. You can even include tax adjustments should there be a need that resonates with an agreement between you and the client.



In addition, there’s the pre-final step of downloading the created invoice into a PDF file. That then becomes more device-friendly and readable to just about any mobile platform.



Essential Features


Invoice Home makes life easier in terms of electronic invoicing would be its free templates. You can simply customize the look of your invoices by choosing from any of the given free options and go with what you think would be appropriate for the theme of your business or the kind of vibe that you want to relay upon sending the bill out.




Another essential feature of the site is its dashboard. Basically, this is where you will see the invoices you have created, which ones are overdue, which ones are still unpaid, a chart for the overall invoice list and the clients to which you still have to send out invoices to. Also, this part becomes easier because of the advanced search, where you can just simply type the client’s name, the items or the address of a recipient.



Getting An Upgrade


While Invoice Home is generally for free, it leaves an option for upgrading the free plan. Through this, you can create invoices for an unlimited list of clients, email as much as you want and have documented reports generated anytime you need them. All these are only for a price of $5 a month, which is definitely not a solid deal. In contrast, the upgraded plan does not limit your invoice to only $1,000 a month, which is ideal for higher end deals.



Some Final Words


In addition to the whole premise, system and overall functionality of Invoice Home, it is also integrated with PayPal, which means to say in your invoices, you can incorporate a click to pay via PayPal option to make payments much easier for you and your clients.




You can even be more creative by incorporating your logo or trying out the logos prepared by Invoice Home for you.



With a fast and truly accommodating support team and secure data for invoicing,



How to find a great domain name!

There are lots of ways to come up with a domain name, however this must be one of my favorites : BUSTANAME
When you click on it you come in below screen:


It is a simple way to find a good domain name, but before you start. One important rule. Check your spelling. As I found out today again (And trust me, I have made my share of domain names already. But I still did it wrong) check it again before ordering.

With the website BUSTANAME you can easily find a good domain name. In #1 (Start Here – Word combiner) you enter the word that you need for a domain name. Say for example you want to start with a new blog.

So you enter BLOG there.


Then click in above example on the Add Group.

So you see the part below as changed.

blog3Then you can actual start adding words that you want to combine with the word blog. So you see something like below:

blog4And the good part is that from every word that you ad that you can find an alternative if they have it by pressing the arrow after the minus sign (-) what is there for taking the word away.

The website has plenty other options. But I want to keep it first with this. If you like it, I can explain more that you can do. Just ask for it in a comment.




Use Guest Post on other websites to get more traffic Guest PostA lot of people are actual asking what the best way is to get relative fast good back-links from HIGH PR websites ? And that is pretty easy actual. Simple try to find HIGH PR ranking websites and write a Guest Post there. So, for example if you have a good website about business then you can actual write here a quest post for this website. And, once your article is approved (And that can be a problem, but I will get back to that later) your article with a DO FOLLOW link will be placed here on this PR2 website. Read More