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Art Collectors Examining Marko Stout

By Elizabeth Schwartz


000_marko_stout_gallery_pics2The luxury lifestyle writer Joy Donnel said of Marko Stout works, “… today’s art collectors are no longer looking for art that’s just pretty — they want rigor and art that tells a story. As emerging artist Marko Stout enters high-end luxury art markets, many collectors are turning their attention to the vibrancy of his work”.

So who is this artist collectors are seeking out? Marko Stout is a passionately prolific mixed media and installation artist and urban storyteller of sorts. Manhattan-based but in no way bounded, his artistic “limitations” are both ceaseless and seamless. Celebrated for his innate ability to entwine styles of the gritty urban world- particularly NYC with the erotic aura of feminine ferocity, Marko’s inventive work has taken Manhattan by storm; a storm that has no intention of turning into a steady drizzle anytime soon.

It is undeniably refreshing to observe works of art that has a female subject who radiates with vigor, independence and energy. Stout has spent a substantial amount of time during his artistic career capturing what he often refers to as the “grit” of New York City, mainly the Chelsea Area. Grit, grunge, energy, high rent, all of what the city has to offer, Marko Stout harnesses. His trademark graffiti-esque imagery and raw use of color capture the spirit and dynamism of city life with a fervor that is almost aggressive in its approach… a fierce depiction of the contemporary urban female. Stout’s pop art style is heavily influenced by artistic wizards like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton, Jackson Pollock and Jeff Koons. However, artist Marko Stout definitely has his own style marking this mid-career artist highly pursued by today’s contemporary art collectors. Current prints have an average gallery selling price of $16,000 to $60,000, depending on the work, dimensions and edition size. Stout’s installation works are selling for $80,000 to $460,000.

Marko Stout and his most recent series entitles, “Chelsea Girls” have hit the road on an international tour, giving collectors many opportunities to view this work first hand and even pick up a couple pieces for their contemporary artists collections. Starting this past April in New York, his work is on a 10-city world tour that kicked off at the ArtExpo and Freeze shows in New York City (where else?) and will wrap up in Paris in June of 2016. In between the show will hit Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, Berlin, Toronto, San Diego, Miami, Stuttgart, Los Angeles and Palm Beach.

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