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10 REAL Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

10 REAL Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

When you where looking for 10 REAL Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website then you will find this article. I will explain what I think are the best 10 ways to get real traffic to your website.

So, no BIG trick to get you to buy this ! I will simple give you 10 ways that you get starting to see more traffic to your website.

  1. Advertising – Yes, I hear you saying already ! That will cost money. But that is NOT true. At least not always ! You can most of the time also advertise for free on website like twitter or Facebook. But you can also let other advertise for you, by sharing your product information there yourself. If your customers like the product / service they will promote it this way for free. You only need to place it there. And that can be done in a easy way with services like this !
  2. Social media РI mention it already above a little in the first tip. But there are many ways that you can use social media to promote your product / service. Twitter is ideal for fast spreading tweets with links. But do NOT do it to much as that can resolve in that your link get blocked. However the LINK i gave before will help you with this as well. But do  not forget that there are many social media ways you can use to benefit from it.
  3. Guest Post – Posting with your product/services on other websites may not look attempting, but can actual be a good way to promote your product / service. And you will get free back links to your website. We also take guest post here. So, just ask.
  4. Referral Traffic – If people find your article interesting and start linking to your website it will be the best way to get FREE TRAFFIC to your website. So, make sure that they are encouraging to do so. (And yes, you can refer to this article as well on your website :-))
  5. Email Marketing – I have seen a lot of websites that actual collect emails, but then you NEVER hear from them again. Maybe a strange thing what I will say here ! But if you do NOT do anything with the emails you collect, then why asking for it. Use it to send information., And yes, there will always be people that will fill in fake email addresses or temp email, but there will be always a group of people that are really interested in what you are writing.
  6. Good website – This is THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP I CAN GIVE ! If this is NOT true, then you will never get traffic or only a little traffic. What do I mean with “Good Website” ? Make sure that there is GOOD content. Original self written like I do here. And make sure the content is readable on Mobile, Tablet, or PC. No matter where people read it, there should not be a error in your website. (And please report us if we have it !) But also make sure that your website is fast ! Nobody likes a slow website !
  7. Interact – Make sure that you interact with visitors on your website. In comments, but also if they send a message. This will automatic increase traffic as people will read comment as well.
  8. Video / Pictures – As soon as we have finished writing this, I will make a small intro video with the 10 points in it. And will place this on YouTube as well. This will help increase the traffic to this article. Try it out yourself and see how it works.
  9. Competition – Looking at your competition is a good way to have a idea what you can do to increase traffic to your own website. But stay original. Making a (Exact) copy of your competitions website is NOT good.
  10. READING – This is the last tip and after reading this you already did a part of it. Read more on the internet about this subject. There are a LOT of great free tips on the website that you can use for your own website. Use it to increase traffic to your website with those tips ! You will love it.


Hope you will use these 10 steps on your website / service. Let me know the result. And if you have more IDEAS then send them to me, and I will place them here in the article (With your link in it so you get a FREE back-link to your website. (No adult websites ! All links need to be approved first !)

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