How to get traffic to my website ?

This is actual one of the most asked questions on the internet. Why, simple. Because people think that when they build a website, they see that there is actual almost nobody is looking at there website after a while. So, they try to find out how they can get real traffic to there website. I would like to give here a change to tell your ways to get traffic to your website. But I will first tell how I get website traffic.

Here are my suggestions :

1. The first one is pretty simple. And is build around the website What you need to do is pretty simple. Register, and after you have been approved with your link and banners you are able to place a code on your website. If someone clicks on the banner of that code you get 4 visits back to your website. In this way you exchange website traffic for free. And sure, you can even buy there cheap traffic. But with this coded it is not needed.

2. With this way you can easy get more traffic. Simple register here :

Then you add points to your account by visiting other websites and / or following people on twitter, facebook and more, and you get more traffic. Try it out. Working for me !

So far first my ideas. What do you use to get more traffic to your website ?

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Making a profit with selling domainnames !

There are a lot of people that have a lot of (unused) domain names ! There are even a lot of people that simple have nothing anymore on there domain name because they have no time for it anymore or simple lost there interest in it.

Now you can go to websites like Flippa or GoDaddy to sell your domain name. But a disadvantage of that is that it cost money ! Now I found out a way to do it much more simpler then paying for it !


When you transfer your domain name here then you can actual place your domain name also in the FREE marketplace. Only when you sell it you pay 7.5 % of the sale price !

So, you can not only pay less for your domain name. (They are really cheap !) But you have also a great way to sell your (Not used) domain names !

And one other thing that is really good, is that if you are a buyer there you can actual pay a monthly amount to get a good domain name. And the domain name is directly transferred to you when you pay the down payment !


See for example the website that is for sale for 1499 dollar! (Or you can make a bid on it )


This is just one opinion from me, but I would love to hear what you think of them ! Did you sell your domain name ? Let me know your story in a comment !

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Do you want to make money on your website. And want to promote your website for free ! Then we have created the website for you. It is simple. Register on and create a gig with “Sell my Ad Space”. After that you can wait till buyers will buy your ad space.

But you can not only sell your ad space. You can also buy cheap advertising space from the other sellers ! Simple register and look what is offered. And I am sure there will be soon more sellers that will sell there advertising space as well.

And the best part as a seller is the change that you have to expose your website in the gigs. Because you are aloud to mention your domain name in the ad!

Hope to see you soon !

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Bitcoins, Litecoins, Mining and more. How to do it simple !

You hear it all over the news. And on internet. Bitcoins is hot. But if you see the movies on YouTube, and hear what they need to start mining the bitcoins, lite-coins etc. Then you like to give up before you even start with it.

That is why I looked at a fun way to start with this and make a little money on the side as well. Not only with the bitcoins but also with writing about it. (But that is a other story 🙂

First we need to do  something really simple. Create a account here and download a program to mine from your PC. (Yes, if you have a PC then if you have the power you can already mine while your PC is online.) And it is a good and simple way to start mining.

And not only for the bitcoin, but for all kind of digital coins that are there.
And then when you have registered you can start your mining on your PC. And the fun part is that you can learn first without any cost to see if it is working for you. See below screenshots.

The first one is the actual mining program that is totally free. Simple download it and start mining.

And in this part of the screenshot you actual see the result of what you have mined so far.

As you can see I created just a test account to show this in a article.

And you do not only have to do the mining on your PC, below some screenshot from my phone. But would recommend to do this if it is on a charger. Otherwise the battery is pretty fast empty 🙂

And so, while I am writing this article on my PC, the computer makes a little money as you can see. And not only on the PC, but also on my Phone if I want.


And then there are other ways to make even more money. But that is a different story. But look for Asic Mining and check the below ads ! And you will know what I mean.

Any comment, questions? Just place them below. Spam will be removed 🙂


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Show your product or service with a Whiteboard animation.

And just to let you see what this is I will use the a whiteboard animation myself. You can download your FREE copy here ! Below is a demonstration of it. And when you buy it you get the TAWE free with it. So hurry up. Demo below as well.

Whiteboard Download

But lets get back to the Whiteboard program.

Lets promote (Still editing this post. Soon more. Working on Whiteboard video)

Whiteboard Download


Whiteboard Download

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Do not trust stories that are to good to be true !

I was reading a article and then a popup showed up about a man who become millionaire in one week with trading ….

Should you believe something like that ? Let’s start with the article !


First thing I noticed was that all comments where directed to the website where the article was written. But Also that if you looked up the people on Facebook where the comments should have been taken from that I could not find those people.

Still no reason that it should be a scam. But the website added n the bottom all the time :

Handelen impliceert potentieel verlies van geïnvesteerd kapitaal. (In dutch)

Der Handel mit CFDs birgt erhebliche Verlustrisiken.(German)

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss.(English)

And sure. They have to mention that. But if you check then online the website then you see a lot of people complaining about how the try you to convince in using your money to invest. But that they are terrible of paying out.

Then I would think. Lets try something else !


As you can see I did not mention the website. Why, simple, because I do not have the experience myself with this website.  But before you do anything online, I have some basic advice. Whatever you trying to do to make money, it will always work if you do the following :

  1. Check online if people have experience with it. Best is to look at forums, or open communities like Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Before you invest, check if it is easy to get money back. And do you have to pay for it?
  3. Check if the website is registered as a business ?
  4. See how long it in the market ?

This are just some tips. But again. If it looks to good to be true, then most of the time it is !


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Signs Your Small Business Needs Salesforce Software for CRM

Making sense of the complexities small business creates requires professional tools to keep track of sales, ordering and customers.  Achieve your goals and more with Salesforce Apps.

When you first set out running your small business, the tasks are simple.  Keeping track of everything from inventory to sales to what your customers are doing can be done with pen, paper and an excel spreadsheet.  However, as your business gets larger, it will likely outgrow the capabilities of these simple tools.  What you need is a scalable way to keep track of transactions and customers to keep yourself moving upwards.

When your business approaches the threshold of requiring CRM software there are several signs that will make them self noticed.  It is up to the business owner or manager to read and interpret the signals correctly so that your business does not lose efficiency or worse, turn into a chaotic mess.

The following are 7 signs that your business needs to upgrade its CRM processes:

  1. Your business team is no longer on the same page because they lack a single source of company information: Information about your customers is located in different places and employees don’t know what the other is up to. This creates a limited view scenario and causes an inefficient operational framework.
  2. Everyone in your business seems to be doing his or her own thing: This happens when there is too much going on for the owner or management to keep track of what everybody is doing.  This means accountability is lost and making plans for the future is very difficult.  It is important to know the workload and work rate of your employees to be able to seek out and realize new business opportunities.
  3. You spend too much time on reports and analysis: Monthly reports are the key to gaining insight into the health of your business so you can make adjustments or seek expansion opportunities.  If keeping up with reporting is taking up too much employee time and cutting into time for other necessary work, it’s time for software to help out.
  4. Data is being lost: In a complex business there is normally more than one employee working with a single client.  When you start playing broken telephone or information is not relayed at all, you need software to manage the information.
  5. Your team is not in touch: Having instant access to valuable information even when your employees are on the go is important to running an efficient business and keeping customers taken care of.
  6. All your customers get the same treatment: Your offers or sales pitches are the same for any potential new client. For a well-run business it is important to know what’s important to your customers.  No two clients are the same so your offers shouldn’t be either.
  7. Would your business be able to expand at the drop of a hat? What if you got a major contract and had to expand your operation to accommodate the extra workload.  Would you be able to stay organized and on top of tasks properly?  If not, it’s time for assistance from Salesforce Software.

If one or more of these signs are applicable to your business, it’s high time you consulted with a professional at a Salesforce Apps and Software vendor.  While Salesforce has many apps there are some vendors out there such as CRM Fusion that offer integrated apps for Salesforce that can fine tune your business process for a distinct competitive advantage.  Their website can be found at and their sales staff is standing by to help your business in it’s push for growth.

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Employee Time Clock Online And Totally Free

It turns out that there are some saving graces financially speaking for employers thanks to new and increasingly better time clock software located online. They offer several advantages over the traditional time clocks that had gotten stuck in the analog era.

No more time clock glitches from a frayed wire or a glitch to the mechanical workings of a time clock. Save on space and make it so that non-central employees have the same access to time clock software as the rest of your employees.

Free Online Employee Time Tracking Is The Answer
Not only is a free online employee time tracking system, it provides the added benefit of providing seamless access to reporting.

While it may not seem like a big deal, because you are already probably engaged in using and paying for payroll software, think about it this way. This software saves time that would normally go toward researching time clock glitches, repairing the old machine, or to paying for another service — payroll.

A payroll service would need all of the data in order to remit paychecks, provide record keeping and bookkeeping to pay taxes as well. Factor in that businesses are required to file four quarterly tax periods along with annual Federal and probably state taxes, and now it becomes even more clear that this free online time clock saves a lot more money.

Money Saving Software System
Not to beat a dead analog time clock to death, but all those slips of paper that employees submit by hand contain errors. Glitches in regular time clocks translate into over payments, and sometimes put your relationship with employees and therefore the community at large in jeopardy.

Every employer has had to ask for money back from an employee. Even if the employee was deliberately taking advantage of a loophole, the word gets out and the employer looks bad. That means saves on hiring a public relations firm or an online reputation management firm’s costs to save your reputation because of a faulty time clock.

In addition, having access to information in one system is a better way to lock down information. In this era of hackers and need for better encryption, less passing along of information among different “professionals” and their own faulty computer security is ideal.

When a company employs this free software, it interfaces easily with Quickbooks. That means you can cut out unnecessary risks of having your employee and company information falling into the wrong hands, while saving money on bookkeeping expenses.

It is a solution that is estimated to save $3700 every year. Though, you may save more than that when you factor in how much a few employee over payments, hiring the online reputation management company, and a bookkeeper cost.

It is the time clock system that more than 50,000 businesses entrust with their time-clock and payroll needs. It is free, and all you have to stand to lose are a lot of costly headaches.

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Why You Ought to Love Unsubscribes

In case you are like most new entrepreneurs you simply dread logging into your autoresponder and seeing that you’ve misplaced checklist members on account of them unsubscribing. Nicely I’m right here to inform you three good causes to stay up for getting unsubscribes.

The primary is that you’re really utilizing your record. The one means that I’ve ever seen to not get an unsubscribe is to by no means ship an electronic mail. If you’re not going to make use of the listing why go to the effort and time to construct it. So congratulate your self while you get the unsubscribe since you are literally utilizing your checklist.

The second factor is that somebody is opening your e mail. To unsubscribe they needed to not less than open the e-mail and click on the unsubscribe hyperlink. The nice factor is that your headline labored and bought them to open your e-mail. Now in case you are utilizing dishonest headlines, (You have got gained, your account standing, and different headlines alongside these traces) this isn’t a great factor and you might be reaping what you might have sown. In case you are utilizing a stable headline that matches your e mail and it will get opened this can be a good factor. Your headline is doing its job.

The third good cause to be glad to get unsubscribes has to do with persona. Now here’s a shocker (stated with sarcasm dripping from the keyboard) Not everybody goes to love you or your writing fashion. Those who do not will unsubscribe. The great factor although is that if they do not care in your type you’ll by no means construct a relationship with them. If you cannot construct a relationship with them they are going to almost definitely by no means purchase from you. So every unsubscribe will make your checklist extra focused to individuals who truly like your type and usually tend to reply favorably to your gives that meet their wants.

So now you’ve gotten three good causes to now not dread seeing that folks have determined to unsubscribe out of your record. Rejoice in the truth that you might be truly making your checklist stronger and extra worthwhile for you within the longer run.

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Management- Or Management Software?

Management- Or Management Software?


If you’re struggling to manage your homeowners association with limited tools, but don’t want to hire a management company, HOA management software may be a happy compromise.

As a self-managed association, finding the right tools to manage your HOA can be difficult. Most tools on the market are generic for basic accounting and data tracking so any type of company can use them. For community associations, this usually doesn’t work due to the unique types of accounting and data that need to be tracked. Records of outbound payments to vendors, incoming dues payments from homeowners, and information regarding common areas and specific units and lots can require page after page of spreadsheets using Excel or Excel-like grids. HOA management software eliminates the need for these spreadsheets by putting all the information in one place. Condo Manager takes it a step further and integrates accounting functions so only one program is needed for everything.

All versions of Condo Manager come equipped with an accrual accounting system and the ability to create accounts for every owner and home in the association. With the accounting functions, users can input and pay vendor invoices, receive and process dues payments (or integrate lockbox!), and even reconcile bank assessments. These accounting functions are wizard supported and user-friendly, so whether the user has a degree in accounting or hates basic math, the system is simple to use. Each individual owner account can store information such as alternative addresses, contact information, pool fob and parking numbers, or any other pertinent information using customizable fields.

As a module based solution, additional features can be added on a need basis. Small, single-family associations may not need the work order module like a condominium association, but could benefit greatly from the architectural request and violations module. Track requests from submission to approval, and violations from creation through the different levels of your enforcement process.

We understand board members are busy, so Condo Manager’s built in to-do list can create reminders within the program so everything from an ARC to dues assessments is taken care of in a timely manner and nothing is forgotten. With every aspect of managing the association included in one easy to use solution, the perfect tools to ensure your association is at its very best are at your fingertips.


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